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Appointment Type: Consultation.
Duration: 30 minutes

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Star Veins & Aesthetics office.
Address: 85 East Main Street, Bay Shore, NY 11706.
Phone Number: (516) 606-7811.
It appears like no locations currently offer that appointment. This is likely due to a setup issue on our behalf, please call us to schedule the appointment and let us know this happend so we can remedy the problem.

Who would you like to be seen by?

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Gulshan Sethi, MD
Vein and Vascular Specialist
<QuerySet [{'location_id': 1955, 'name': 'Star Veins & Aesthetics'}]>
Aimee Gosse, PA
Physician Assistant
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Hailey Santeramo
<QuerySet [{'location_id': 1955, 'name': 'Star Veins & Aesthetics'}]>
Shantee Albin
Medical Assistant
It appears like no providers currently offer that appointment at the selected location. Please go back and update your selections or call our offices for more information.

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