Womans FeetVaricose veins can be an uncomfortable and unsightly condition. Enlarged, bulging veins can appear on the legs and feet when blood in the veins leak in the wrong direction. Vein disease can cause many uncomfortable symptoms like swelling, skin discoloration, dark purple or blue veins, and more.

One of the most common treatments for varicose veins is endovenous laser ablation. Endovenous laser ablation (EVLT) is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that uses a laser beam to treat vein disease. Only requiring local anesthesia, a laser will heat the walls of the vein until it closes, allowing your body to reabsorb the vein. There are many advantages to receiving EVLT treatment, so we’ve outlined 3 of them to get you started.

  1. Quick and Easy

    EVLT is a quick, easy, minimally invasive procedure. The entire process takes no more than one hour, and it can be done right in our office. Not only is the procedure itself quick, but so is your downtime. After getting endovenous laser ablation, you can go right back to your day-to-day activities. There is no long period of recovery, as you won’t experience much pain afterwards. Some patients experience light soreness or numbness, but you can easily return to your typical lifestyle after 24 hours.

  2. High Success Rate

    Endovenous laser ablation has a long-term success rate of 99%, keeping patients happy with their results. Many studies(opens in a new tab) have shown that EVLT surpasses other treatments in vein removal results, and the results are comparable to that of a traditional, vein stripping surgery. There is also a lower recurrence of veins that have been treated in EVLT than in traditional surgery procedures.

  3. Decrease of Symptoms

    Not only does EVLT reduce the appearance of your veins, but it will also reduce the symptoms you feel from vein disease. Studies show that a majority of patients experience less pain as well as other symptoms that were previously present. With no major complication, almost all patients saw an improvement in both symptoms and skin condition.

Endovenous laser ablation is a great option for someone looking to get treatment for varicose veins. This minimally invasive procedure is low-risk, and it’s quick and effective. If you would like to learn more about endovenous laser ablation, or you are interested in receiving this treatment, the vein experts at Star Veins & Aesthetics can get you started.

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