Prevention of Spider Veins

How to prevent Spider Veins in legs from getting worse?

Quite often, we are asked by our patients if anything can be done to prevent the spider veins from getting worse.

The first question is, Do spider veins get worse?

The answer to this question is dependent on the individual. For some people, spider veins may get worse over time while others never notice them becoming more noticeable or causing any concern at all!

What causes spider veins?

Spider Veins occur when blood pools in superficial veins near the surface of your skin. They can be caused by heredity, obesity or trauma and may also happen as a result from fluctuations in hormones; especially during pregnancy are common among people over 30 years old with increased frequency to nearly every decade after that point.

Want to know how you can stop spider veins from spreading? Here's what the pros do!

Get regular physical activity. Muscles in your legs help push blood back against gravity and relieve pressure on elastic organs like arteries, which could lead them break down faster than they should be going; this includes both exercise (such as walking) or just being more active throughout each day--even if it is only 10 minutes at a time set aside for yourself every morning.

You should also avoid sitting for extended periods. Even during our work hours, it is always good to get up from the chair, and move around for a few minutes. Also, taking rest room breaks, lunch breaks, can help mobilize all that blood that has stagnated in our veins. Always a good idea to elevate the legs if possible. This will take that extra pressure off the veins, for a bit.

Wearing compression stockings is the best way to reduce the overburdened veins, and over pressured veins. Compression Stockings can be worn, whenever you plan to have a long day on feet, whether be standing or sitting for too long periods. Also, Compression stockings, while actively exercising or moving around really helps reduce the pressure in the veins inside the legs. This done regularly, can help with worsening of spider veins.

Also, lose weight, especially with exercise and diet. Again, the underlying principle is to reduce the pressure on those internal veins, that can really help those veins from getting worse.

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