Womans FeetOne of the most common procedures for eliminating varicose and spider veins is sclerotherapy. It's done by injections into the spider veins ( thready veins ) with a salt solution that irritates its lining, leading eventually towards closure or reabsorption of the veins by the body's natural healing process.

With a success rate over 90% and only taking 15-30 minutes to complete, sclerotherapy is an easy treatment that gives many patients their legs back. After the procedure new veins may appear as well!

The first question many people ask when it comes to medical procedures is, “Does this hurt?” Well we're happy for you because the answer here is no. Slight pinches from needles are common but typically only lasts a second or two during treatments with sclerotherapy!

Our Board Certified Vein & Vascular Specialist, has performed thousands of these procedures, with upto 99% success rate, and was formally fellowship trained for this speciality. Call to make an appointment: 516-606-7811.