Womans FeetIs your Vein Specialist a Vascular Surgeon? Why Vascular Surgeons are only best equipped to treat your Vein Disease.

Who are Vascular Surgeons? ( fellowship trained in Vascular Surgery )

Vascular surgeons are the only specialists who have received formal training ( advanced fellowship training after residency training ) to treat diseases of the vascular system. Board Certified Vascular Surgeons have gone through a rigorous Board examination process to get certified in the speciality. So Is your Vein Specialist a Vascular Surgeon?

Your blood vessels --arteries carrying oxygen-rich blood and veins carrying blood back to the heart -- are the roadways of your circulatory system. Without smoothly flowing blood, your body cannot function.

Veins are channels that carry ‘spent blood’ back towards the heart. In the lower extremities, these channels are being helped by the calf & thigh muscles that serve as a muscle pump that propels blood against gravitational forces. Also these channels are being helped by Valves ( one way trap doors ), that promote blood flow towards the heart in one direction.

Problems with Veins arise, when there is dysfunction in the valvular system, that can lead to retrograde blood flow ( in the wrong direction ) towards the feet, that leads to overfilling of the veins, and dilates the veins, leading to symptoms as leg pain, swelling, heaviness, foot cramps, or bulging veins ( as varicose veins & spider veins )

The main role for a Vascular surgeon is repairing or restoring normal flow in order ensure proper functioning and function throughout each part; they're also able to diagnose any issues preventing this circulation from happening properly.

Our Vein Specialist, is a Board Certified fellowship trained Vascular surgeon, who has several years of experience, in treating both Vein & Arterial disease, and providing people with healthy leg circulation & hence an active lifestyle. We can help if you are searching for a Vein Specialist or Vein Doctor near me!

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