Man at workHealth care workers, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Computer professionals, MTA/subway workers, electricians, or anyone with a similar work style; are at increased risk to develop a vein health problem such as Varicose Veins or Leg swelling, or leg pain, or heaviness, night cramps. The list goes on - but there could even still be many other professions out there with high risks!

If you're a professional in one of the following jobs, it's likely that your varicose veins are more extensive than those who work otherwise: nurses and doctors; health care workers such as therapists or dietary specialists. Standing in one position can cause gravitational forces to overcome our natural protective mechanisms in veins, such as valves, thus causing an increased pressure build up in the system, and result in varicose veins & spider veins, and some of the symptoms described above.

Sitting for long periods of time can increase your odds of developing varicose veins. Office workers or those who work in the computer field—especially a busy office situation- might be at risk, especially if they don’t even take lunch break! When you sit there's more pressure on the walls of your cardiovascular system and this causes them to work harder which may cause swelling in some cases or even blood clots.

Walking around in a classroom for teachers all day can really wear on your feet. It's not exactly the most comfortable position, and it doesn't take long before you start feeling tired or weirdly positioned again down there (or both).

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