Pregnant Women

Pregnancy & Varicose Veins

Pregnancy can bring about a variety of different symptoms. Some women experience varicose veins, which are caused by the growing uterus pressing against one's large vein (the inferior vena cava). It becomes difficult for these blood vessels in your legs to deliver blood back up towards our hearts when they become blocked due either too much pressure or just an obstruction somewhere along its course throughout the body. This may cause itchy uncomfortable pain that many pregnant ladies feel during their pregnancy.

These varicose veins also occur due to an increase in blood volume during pregnancy, and can happen because when carrying a baby growing inside for 9 months presses on these large pelvis arteries changing their flow dynamics . There may be other factors too - such as hormonal changes which affect elasticity levels making them more prone towards developing this condition- but no matter what causes it they should all serve as warning signs.

Do Varicose Veins go away after pregnancy?

The answer to this question is unclear, but it seems that in most cases varicose veins caused by pregnancy go away within three months. If they do not disappear or become less noticeable after 3-6 weeks of treatment with compression stockings then there may be a problem which requires medical attention from an expert on the subject at hand (a vascular specialist).

Should I wear compression stockings while pregnant?

As your body grows and changes, so do the risks for certain conditions. One of these is deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This condition can develop when blood clots form in one's organs due to increased pressure on their veins from growing uterus or swelling feet/legs with weight gain from carrying more baby weight during pregnancy. Wearing compression stockings can be very helpful, to prevent this condition, especially if there are signs of bulging veins, or leg swelling. However a sudden increase in swelling in the legs or an unusual occurrence of pain in the calf or thigh, must be properly investigated, by a Vascular specialist.

When should I start wearing compression stockings during pregnancy?

The answer is yes! You can wear them as early as the first trimester. In fact, according to many medical experts it's recommended that you do so for about four months before your due date and up until around 12 weeks into term - when there will be signs of blood stagnation or swelling along with a pulling sensation in your calves due edema.

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